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Foust Twins Turn FOUR

We celebrated the twins FOURTH birthday last month, and wow it's just crazy to me how fast time has flown. I swear just yesterday I was holding my little three pound miracle babes in the NICU and now they're these grown up four year olds with so much personality and...

Southern Utah Road Trip | The Foust Life

Braxton and I decided to make Valentines weekend an extra long one and we packed up our trusty Honda Element with all the essentials, dropped the twins off with grandparents, and headed South for a five day road trip. If you know me at all you know this is exactly the...

Yellowstone Family Trip

Earlier this summer we were hanging out with Braxton's family and decided it was about time we all take a little family trip. I mentioned how I'd never been to Yellowstone and that became our destination. We started planning, figured out a weekend where we were all...

Our Family Pictures 2018 | The Great Saltair

This Summer we had the opportunity to get our family photos done by Nicole Maxfield, and as always she was a complete magician behind the lens. Once a year Braxton agrees to let me book a full session with a professional photographer to capture our family's growth. I...

Exploring France and Italy

I’m finally getting around to blogging all the photos and video from the trip my husband Braxton and I took to Europe in March. This was the first time Braxton had been out of the country and I loved getting to adventure with him for a change. We went to Paris, Rome,...

Ann + Darrell | 50th Wedding Anniversary Party

My cute grandparents, the amazing Ann and Darrell Gillen, have officially been married for FIFTY YEARS so obviously that called for a celebration. We all call them Nana and Gramps and they truly are the definition of #RelationshipGoals. These two have been through so...

Confessions of a Twin-Toddler-Mom

In an effort to be real with you all (which you know I try to always do) today I'm sharing some confessions of a twin mom. A TODDLER twin mom in particular, because those of you with 2-3 year olds know that's worth mentioning. As much as I absolutely love those...

Little Voyagers Leggings | Foust Twins

You know how you always want to dress your kids cute, but it's hard because they grow SO fast so it's hard to justify buying anything nice for them?? These leggings from Little Voyagers are hands down worth every penny. They're probably the best material I've ever...

Best of 2017

This past year has been absolutely incredible. I'm still amazed as I look back and see just how much has changed since this time last year. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has supported me on this entrepreneur journey of mine, and an even bigger thank...

Foust Twin’s Christmas Video

We are getting all sorts of excited for Christmas over here! All of the holidays are just so much more fun when you have kids to celebrate them with. We're in Michigan right now with my family for Christmas break and I'm not ready to go back to reality. There's only...

What I’m Thankful For This Year

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to be with family and loved ones, and reflect on everything to be thankful for. And I know, I know, Thanksgiving was last week. But as I look back on this past year I am overwhelmed with gratitude for how blessed I have been, and...

The Foust Twins & The Cutest Winter Leggings

Any other mamas feeling this way?? ^^ Hahaha, I swear I love my kids SO much but sometimes their sass is just too much. Oliver (the one on the left) can be so defiant and absolutely loves to tell me "no" no matter what I say. He's always been the smaller of the two...

Our October Recap and Halloween Costumes

Does anyone else feel like October went by way too fast or is it just me? I swear just yesterday it was summer and now Christmas music is on the radio?! Don't get me wrong, I'm all about that Christmas spirit.. I just wish time would slow down a little for me. October...

Best Friend Appreciation Post

Okay folks. Today marks a very important day in history, in fact I am declaring today a holiday. I counted it all out and exactly one year ago today Lexxi Smith and I became friends. And the rest is history. Can I just talk about how amazing this cute girl right here...

Our Summer Recap | The Foust Life

Summer's come to an end, and I'm just sitting here wondering how in the world it went by so fast! I swear just yesterday I was getting excited about pulling out my flip flops and shorts, and now I'm digging through my closet for all the fall essentials. As short as...

Our Family Pictures | The Foust Life

A lot of people have been asking to see all of our family pictures so I thought I’d share some more of them here! My talented new friend Nicole Maxfield took our photos this year and I am SO in love with how they turned out. I wanted them to be bright and summery and...

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