Let’s Seal the Deal

This whole “finding a photographer” thing is kind of like finding your soul mate.. Okay not really but MAYBE A LITTLE BIT? Work with me here.

Call it fate, call it google, call it whatever you want, but we found each other in this crazy world. Somehow, you ended up on my little corner of the internet. And man am I glad you did.
I’m like John Cusack in “say Anything” holding a boombox over my head trying to convince you I’m the one. Because listen, I’m pretty dang confident that I am. So why don’t you fill out that contact form below and let me prove it.

Whether you’re interested in hiring me to capture your big day or just to update some fun family pictures, I got you. I’m all about telling your story in the most authentic way, and creating images that you can treasure forever.

What do you say? Let’s make some magic.

What can I call you? (After all. we are going to be best friends right?)
Can I have yo' number..? Can I have it?
This is how we'll be in contact!
When is the big day? (For regular sessions, just put the general time you're wanting your photos taken!)
Where is this shin-dig going down? (For regular sessions, where are you wanting to shoot?
Minimum of $275 for regular sessions. A La Carte options for wedding start as low as $800.
Through Instagram, Facebook, or your Grandma's dog I wanna know!
Went sky diving? Binged watched all nine seasons of The Office on Netflix? I want to hear it.
I want to hear about your vision! Explain what you're wanting and why you're contacting me. Also, you know, any other questions or comments you have for me.

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Email: alexisfoustphotography@gmail

Located in Northern Utah
Available for Travel Worldwide

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