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Not only do I love capturing beautiful moments I also love styling them. A while back I realized how much I loved putting together these gorgeous shoots, and it didn’t take long for me to realize how selfish it would be to keep them all to myself! AFP Styled Shoots are an opportunity to come together and meet fellow photographers, network with talented vendors, and come away feeling creatively inspired with new and beautiful images for your own portfolio.

When I first started my journey into photography I knew what I wanted to photograph, but I had no clients yet so I didn’t have any pictures to advertise for the market I was trying to reach. I felt discouraged because in order to get those types of clients I knew I first needed those beautiful images to draw them in, but I wasn’t sure how to get them if nobody would hire me. It felt like a dead end until I realized that I could create my own shoots in order to start making my portfolio what I wanted it to be! I started contacting vendors and putting my own styled shoots together, and with each one they became more and more elaborate. Now, AFP Styled Shoots are bigger than anything I could have done on my own. The amount of details and work that goes into these by every person involved is outstanding, and it’s all so worth it at the end of the day when you scroll through those photos on you camera and catch your breathe at how incredible your images are.

I open up my styled shoots and getaways to photographers of any level of experience to come and enjoy the atmosphere, learn, and of course take awesome pictures! Sign up’s are on a first come/first serve basis, and I keep the groups intimate so everybody has time and space to shoot with the models. Because of this spots tend to fill up fast.

If you’d like information about upcoming AFP Styled Shoots or the next AFP Getaway, fill out the form below and I’ll add you to my email list! I’d love to see you there!

Regular mentor session $275

One on one mentor sessions with me including two hours where we cover anything business or photography related that you have questions about. These mentor sessions are done face to face if you’re located in Utah, or can be done over skype/facetime if you’re long distance!

Mentor Session with a styled shoot $500

One on one mentor sessions with me including one hour where we cover anything business or photography related that you have questions about, and one hour shooting together and learning hands on. This is the best way to get posing and lighting tips as well as answer in-camera questions.
Must be in Utah for this!

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