3 Tips For Good Getting Ready Pictures on Your Wedding Day

Mar 9, 2018

One of my favorite parts about photographing weddings is capturing all of the little details. I love documenting the big moments so much, but those small things that are often forgotten without photos are so meaningful to me. I love it when my brides have me there to get it all from beginning to end because then when they receive their wedding gallery it really tells the story of the day. Getting ready pictures are always so fun, and if you’re getting married and considering having a photographer there for some of that I highly encourage it! I wanted to share a few tips for achieving good “getting ready pictures” with you all.

#1. Have the photographer come for the last 20-30 minutes.. not the full time.

We don’t need to be there for 1-2 hours of contouring and hair curling in order to document the getting ready process. In fact, it really only takes about a half an hour to get all of the photos needed to tell this part of the story! Plus.. you’re not going to want photos when you have zero makeup on anyways. Let us come when the final touches are happening (we can even fake touching up the makeup for pictures) when you’re already all glammed up and feeling beautiful, and you’re guaranteed to love the result!

2. Hire a hair and makeup artist!

I will always recommend this to every bride of mine. When you’re getting professional photos done, especially on one of the biggest days of your life, you want to look your absolute best. Your makeup will photograph differently than it will look in real life, so having a professional who knows what to do to make you look your best for pictures do your makeup for you will be huge. Plus, then you don’t have to stress about any of that on your big day. You can focus on enjoying everything while someone else focuses on pampering¬†you.¬†

3. Details, details, details.

This is your chance to get all of those pretty little details that you spent months collecting beforehand photographed. With all of the hustle and bustle of a wedding day it can be easy for these small things to get overlooked and/or missed in pictures if you don’t designate a time to have it all documented. If you have a photographer coming for getting ready shots be sure to set aside all of your accessories so they can spend some time capturing all of those little things for you. You want to remember every part of this day, so don’t forget about the details!






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