Penny + Theuns | Copenhagen Couples Session

Mar 1, 2019


Going to Copenhagen last November was a dream come true. It’s been on my bucket list forever and so when I saw some cheap flight deals online (thanks pomelo) I obviously had to jump on it. I texted a couple of my photographer friends and was lucky enough that they were feeling just as adventurous. Before we knew it the three of us were packing our bags and hopping on a plane, once again, to Europe.

I knew I wanted to do some shoots while I was away, so when the opportunity to photograph cute Penny and Theuns came along I jumped on it in an instant.

These cute humans met through INSTAGRAM, all because Theuns double tapped a few of Penny’s pictures. He lived all the way in South Africa and she was in Copenhagen, but they started talking and the rest is history.

Since those beginning days of flirting through DM’s, Penny has gone down to South Africa to visit Theuns, and eventually Theuns made the move up to Copenhagen to live with Penny. Now they’re happily married and if that’s not the cutest story you’ve ever read I don’t know what is.

We shot at Tivoli Amusement Park, which is the oldest running amusement park in the world, and the location was absolutely perfect for these two. There were so many cute and cozy little spots for them to snuggle up in, and I’m pretty sure they were so captivated by each other they forgot we were even there. I love photographing love all over the world, and doing that in beautiful Denmark was such a wonderful experience.





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