Chelsea | The Aloha Stride

Nov 4, 2018

If you’re on the hunt for the cutest athleisure wear out there you’ve found it here! My girl Chelsea has the best clothes over at The Aloha Stride and I kid you not I wear the leggings I’ve gotten from her almost daily. There’s nothing like a pair of leggings that doesn’t stretch, fits your body perfectly, and is cute as heck on top of that. She sells everything from leggings and joggers to sports bras and bomber jackets, and I’m telling you guys as soon as you own one thing from her you’ll have to have it all. (I’m officially addicted, but the first steps admitting right? 😉 )

Chelsea started this shop a little over a year ago and it’s been so fun to watch her journey. A few months back we decided to start doing monthly photoshoots so that she’d always have new content to post, and it’s been SUCH a blast working with her. I’ve always looked up to this boss babe and I love that now we have an excuse to hangout every month. Here’s a few of the pictures we’ve taken on our shoots!

And click here to shop her cute looks!

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