Yellowstone Family Trip

Oct 10, 2018

Earlier this summer we were hanging out with Braxton’s family and decided it was about time we all take a little family trip. I mentioned how I’d never been to Yellowstone and that became our destination. We started planning, figured out a weekend where we were all free (which is extremely difficult to do), and booked a cabin in the woods! I was so excited about this trip, and we had such a blast exploring the beauty of Yellowstone as a family.

There’s something about traveling with people that helps you get to know them better, and all the long drives and bad cell service did just that. I have so much appreciation for the National Parks services and loved wandering around in the first National Park to ever exist, admiring all the beauty around me. Our planet is so incredible you guys. I loved watching the twins as they got excited about every tree, waterfall, and animal they saw along the way. My cute mother & father in-law bought them little binoculars and they loved looking out the window with them, trying to spot Bison. I have such an appreciation for nature and family time, and combining the two things made for the best weekend ever.

If you haven’t been to Yellowstone before, I highly recommend making a trip.

Family Trip To Yellowstone



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