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Brooke and Steven swiped right last November and have been together ever since.

If you’re not familiar with what “swiping right” means, basically they’re the cutest Tinder success story ever. Brooke said for their first date they went to Ruth’s Diner and then too the Zoo lights where they shared their first kiss next to the Lion exhibit with music playing all around them. (How cute is that?!) Since then the two love birds have been dating, and a little over a month ago Steven asked Brooke to spend the rest of her life with him. He took her to Ruth’s Diner again, and then he took her to the Capitol building because he said his friend needed help with a videography project. Little did she know he would be recording her as she experienced one of the best days of her life.  They were led down to Memory Grove where all of their family and friends were waiting, holding up signs saying “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. As Brooke read the signs Steven dropped down on one knee and proposed. I saw the video and got teary eyed myself just watching it, because it’s so obvious how in love they are. Brooke happily said yes and I’m so glad she did, because I loved having the opportunity to take their engagement pictures. Now I just can’t wait to document their beautiful wedding day in October!

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