Kirsten + Stefanos


Dream clients for me are the people who are ready to go on fun adventures. They’re the souls who are madly in love and are just as inspired by human connection as I am. They’re the ones who love to laugh, and play, and be silly with me. They’re basically just Stefan and Kirsten in a nutshell.

It truly is such a beautiful thing when two people’s lives collide and they fall in love. I never get tired of hearing those “how-we-met” stories, or the “how-he-asked” ones. Stefan and Kirsten met when she was working at Whole Foods. Stefan shopped there a lot, and the first time he saw her there he was stricken with her and couldn’t get her out of his head. He was too nervous to ask for her number so he decided he’d go back another day for it. But for the next little while every time he went in she wasn’t working. Right when he was starting to lose hope he saw her again! Once again he got too nervous and bought his food and left. As he left the store he started kicking himself, realizing this was his chance, so he went back in. He grabbed some yogurt and went up to the counter and said, “I forgot yogurt….. and your number.” AND THE REST IS HISTORY.

You guys, these two are so perfect for each other. I only spent an hour with them and I’m already obsessed with their love. Take a scroll through these photos and just look at the way he looks at her. *swoon*

Congrats Kirsten and Stefan!

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