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I had the opportunity a couple weeks ago to fly back home to Michigan and spend some time with my family and see old friends. It’s hard living on the other side of the country from so many people you love, and this trip was definitely needed. I spent two weeks out there (over my birthday) and crammed in as much as I could during that time! I wanted to see everyone I could, and I also wanted a chance to do a couple photo shoots while I was there as well. I posted on Facebook that I would be coming to Michigan and if anyone wanted to book a session with me they could, and I was so excited when old friends started booking!

When Sarah messaged me about taking some family photos for them while I was there I was more than excited. The Peterson’s are literally like family to me. During and after high school I spent my summers there nannying her kids basically every day. I’ve known them for so long it was crazy to see how big they’ve gotten! They’ve all matured so much and it makes me sad, but also so happy because I can see what wonderful people they have become. What’s even more fun is that Chase and Blake are fraternal twin boys, and now I have fraternal twin boys! So I couldn’t stop imagining that that’s what my boys are going to be like soon. Time goes way too fast.

I also was happy when Sarah told me the kids half-brother, Henry would be coming along to be in some of the sibling photos as well! I’ve heard so much about him and this was the first time I’ve met him! He was so adorable and I loved seeing the older kids all babying him. I have a feeling that kid is going to be spoiled. 😉

These guys were such a blast to photograph and I loved all of the fun colors around downtown Lowell. So without further adieu, I introduce my favorite humans ever, The Peterson’s. 

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