I don’t shoot a lot of newborn sessions, but when I do I LOVE shooting them as in-home lifestyle sessions so that the photos really capture the family and the baby in their real life environment. Don’t get me wrong, all those props and backdrops are cute as heck, but I’m all about the REAL and the RAW. So when Meghann messaged me asking if I’d be willing to take her baby’s newborn photos whenever the little one arrived I explained to her my love of lifestyle sessions and she was all for it! We planned a date and eagerly awaited the baby’s entrance to the world.

The awesome thing about baby Campbell’s birth is that Meghann and Daniel waited until he was born to find out the gender! I remember when I was pregnant with my boys I was SO eager to know if they were boys or girls so I could start buying clothes and thinking of names, so I can’t even imagine waiting the full nine months to know. But she said it was such a fun experience to find out in the moment and since she already had a boy and girl she was prepared for either. How fun is that?!

Campbell was such a little cutie in front of my camera and did not want to sleep during pictures. He wiggled around and stretched and stared right at me pretty much the whole time and we couldn’t stop laughing. Finally at the very end of the session he fell asleep and we were able to grab some beautiful images of him sleeping peacefully in his crib.

This precious little boy is so loved and it was a blast to watch his older siblings excitedly look out for him and continually ask when it was their turn to hold him. He’s a lucky guy to be born into such a great family.

Welcome to the world Campbell Page.