I cannot say enough sweet things about McCall and Landon. I know I say this about everyone, but they honestly are the perfect couple. They’ve known each other since high school but didn’t really get to know each other until they started working together after they graduated. They “fell in like” as McCall put it, and quickly became best friends. McCall said it only took her a month or so to realize that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

Their proposal story is my absolute favorite though.

Landon came into her room early on a Saturday morning and said to get up because they were going on a hike. McCall reluctantly got out of bed, and they started to walk up Adam’s Canyon (one of their favorite places since they first began to date). When they hit the trail’s crossroad, he told McCall to go one way and that he would go the other. She was confused until he started to run away and she saw a single pink balloon tied to a tree down the trail. He disappeared and McCall ran to the balloon. It had a picture of them and a note written on the back of it. There was balloon after balloon to lead her up the mountain trail, and it eventually led her to their favorite spot on the mountain. When she rounded the corner, about to reach their spot, she heard their song playing and he was standing in a circle of roses, holding flowers, and crying. McCall’s best friend was there recording the whole thing, and as she put it, “the rest is a happy blur”.

You guys these two are the real deal. Their love for each other is so tender and I loved every second of capturing it for them. I am beyond thrilled to get to photograph their wedding day in a few weeks.




What a sweet proposal! My brother in law is actually proposing to his girlfriend this weekend (!!) and needs ideas on how to do it – totally telling him about this idea because he wanted to incorporate hiking into it!

Oh these are lovely! The utah state capitol building is such a good choice! Love their proposal story! CUTEST!

these are so romantic and soft. love them all

Oh my heck, cutest proposal story ever!! These two look so good in front of the Utah state Capitol!

Oh my goodness!! This is such a beautiful story. And those bridals at the Utah state Capitol!! Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing!

Oh my goodness!! This is such a beautiful story. And those bridals at the Utah state Capitol!! Gorgeous!!!