Lexi Harker is a beautiful human who I’ve been lucky to work with and become close to through my photography business. She is a super talented hair and makeup artist (you can Insta-stalk her here), and an amazing person. We met about a year and a half ago when we collaborated on a styled shoot together. This was one of my first ever styled shoots, and Lexi was fairly new to the industry as well, so we quickly connected. We soon found we worked extremely well together and loved each others work, so we kept getting back together for more and more photoshoots. Since then we have collaborated on countless projects, styled shoots, promotions, and giveaways, and she is my go-to girl when it comes to recommendations for all things beauty related. Let me tell you- this girl knows her stuff.

I feel extremely thankful to have Lexi as a close friend, and was honored and excited when she asked me to take some headshots and fun photos of her for her business. Lexi came up to Logan one night and we shot until we ran completely out of light. Every single outfit she had was on point, and I especially love her “Get it Girl” and “Babe You Got This” tees. The motivation and drive that Lexi has for entrepreneurship is so obvious and you can’t help but feel inspired being around her. Talk about a BOSS BABE. Check out her cute photos!