My girl Stephanie Jade put together the cutest elopement styled shoot for fun a few weeks back and I’m so happy she asked me to tag along! Everything about this was a dream from the location to the florals to the models. I just couldn’t get enough. Stephanie led us all out to the middle of nowhere, and I’m pretty sure we almost died like five times driving up the side of the mountain, but then we pulled up on this view and all was forgiven. πŸ˜‰

But seriously this scenic spot was absolutely breath-taking and so worth the drive. The dress was provided by J Noelle Designs (one of my favorite local dress vendors), and the florals were done by Ginger Snap Floral who I absolutely love. You probably won’t believe me but Lauren and Michael were two models who had never even met each other before the shoot! Stephanie knew both of them and they both agreed to play bride and groom for an evening and I’m so happy they did. Talk about a unique first date right?!

They laughed and got to know each other throughout the shoot and towards the end we even got them to kiss a few times! At the end of the night they exchanged phone numbers and talked about going on a date together the next day, so I guess you could say Stephanie is a match maker. πŸ˜‰

Check out these fun bridal shots, and I’ll list all the vendors involved below so you can go Insta-stalk them!

Styled by: @stephaniejadephotography
Models: @laurenmichellejohnson_ and @maikeru9390
Florals: @gingersnapflora