This past year has been absolutely incredible. I’m still amazed as I look back and see just how much has changed since this time last year. I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who has supported me on this entrepreneur journey of mine, and an even bigger thank you to all of my clients who have trusted me to capture their special moments. I truly owe everything I have to all of you, and I feel so blessed.

In 2017 there was a lot of firsts. We bought our first house, I took my first trip to Europe, I photographed my first destination wedding, I hosted my first AFP Styled Shoot, and it was the first time I’ve had a full time job that I’ve honestly loved with all my heart. I’m so passionate about what I do and I’m so thankful for the tremendous amount of opportunities and doorways photography has opened up for me this past year. I can’t even imagine where things will be a year from now, but I can say with certainty that I’ll still be loving my job.

I wanted to share some of my very favorite photos from 2017; the best of the best. These are images that either I have personally fallen in love with, or that were hugely popular on social media when they were posted. They’re the highlight reel of my work and I’m proud to showcase it. I wish I could share an image from every single one of my shoots and weddings this past year, but unfortunately that would be way too long of a blog post. But to all my clients reading this, know that I consider each and every one of your sessions so special and beautiful.

Wedding Inspiration

I have been lucky to have some of the best brides ever this past year as my clients, and on top of that I’ve been able to plan some absolutely killer styled shoots with the help of some fantastic vendors. Between the real weddings and styled wedding shoots, there are so many magical images in my wedding portfolio now.

Families & Couples

So many incredible families and couples walked through my door this year! I was able to capture beautiful love stories and real relationships that just filled my heart with so much joy. These humans made 2017 incredible and I’m so thankful for them and so many more who are not pictured below.


The amount of places I got to check off my bucket list this year is outstanding. I still can’t believe some of the adventures I was able to go on, and it fills me with so much hope for what’s to come in 2018. Seeing new places and meeting new people is where my soul is happiest, and I am so grateful for the abundant opportunities I have been blessed with. If you’ve been wanting to travel, I can’t encourage you enough to just go and find a way to do it. It is literally life changing and you will never regret it.

And to all of you who made it all the way through that mega-long blog post… GO YOU. You guys are obviously my number one fans and you deserve a big giant cyber hug for sticking around and caring about my life so much. Cheers to one chapter closing and another beginning! Happy new year you guys. Let’s make this a good one.

Xo, Alexis