Autumn and Ian are those people who you look at and think ‘Okay but nobody can be that perfect’. Except guess what? THEY ARE.

These two are some of the nicest humans I think I’ve ever met and not only that, but they’re also both mega talented. Autumn is an incredible photographer (if you don’t believe me go check her out on Instagram at @autumngrey_), a stellar singer, and an all around cutie. A while back we were talking about water photoshoots and I expressed how much I’ve been dying to grab a couple and take pictures of them in a lake all playful and romantic and maybe even a little steamy. Then I realized I was talking to the queen of cute couples and immediately begged her to get her husband and come model for me. 😉

My BFF Lexxi Smith was wanting the same thing, so we all piled into a car and drove up to Tony Grove to make some magic happen! The water was a little chilly, but once we got in we were too busy freaking out about how cool the pictures were going to turn out to even care. Well.. everyone except Ian, who stood shivering for most of the session. (How about a round of applause for him! What a trooper!) Between the foggy skies and having the lake completely to ourselves it felt almost surreal as the two love birds splashed, kissed, and played in the water, and it made the whole thing a dream to photograph.

If anybody else is wanting a session like this hit me up, because they might be my new obsession. 😉