Logan contacted me a while back wanting to schedule some anniversary photos for him and his wife Alyssa. They’ve been married for one year now and he wanted to surprise her with some fun pictures. However.. Logan apparently is just as bad at keeping secrets from his spouse as I am (ask me about the time I tried to surprise my husband with a cruise to Mexico sometime) and of course she ended up finding out beforehand ;). Even though the shoot itself wasn’t much of a surprise we still had our share of surprises that day though! We had plans to shoot around downtown Salt Lake City but last minute the weather decided it didn’t want to cooperate. We chatted about several potential indoor options and as soon as I thought of Cactus and Tropicals I knew it would be the perfect spot. Now was I right or was I right?!

I met Logan and Alyssa at the greenhouse and we spent an hour dancing around pretending we were in Hawaii and soaking up all the tropical vibes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it 8920341 times, I want to run away and live in a greenhouse.