About Me


I'm Alexis. I'm a creator, mess maker, wife, and mother to adorable twin boys.

I'm an artist of all kinds, often doodling in my sketch book or painting my stress away. But something about photography draws me in in a different way. I love the ability to freeze a moment in time and then go home and play with the colors and lighting and mood to really make you feel what was happening right then. I love the emotion one single frame has the ability to capture. More than words ever could. And I love the challenge of always learning new things and being pushed to new levels. After deciding to make my passion for photography into a business it didn't take long for me to realize this was my dream job.

Most days you can find me sitting behind my computer editing, dirty Dr. Pepper in hand, with my latest Netflix binge on the TV.

I'm a lover of braids, pumpkin pie, and all things colorful; and I'm always up for an adventure.


I believe in remembering the real, raw moments in life.
I believe in dancing in the kitchen and singing at the top of your lungs in the car.
I believe in forehead kisses and long hugs.
I believe in exploring the unknown and never saying 'no' to something new.
I believe in laughing until your stomach hurts.
I believe any bad day can be cured by some time in the mountains.
And I believe in capturing the fleeting memories with photos.


I photograph candid, bold, romantic, just plain happy moments. You can expect a lot of me making a fool out of myself and maybe a little of you humoring me. But in the end what you'll receive is a lovely gallery filled with timeless images that perfectly capture who you are.

My focus is mainly on weddings, love stories, and families; I'm so passionate about capturing those relationships through photos. But I'm fairly open to photographing most things!

My editing style is often described as "bright, colorful, happy, and real." If those are adjectives you might associate with your own personality, we'd be a perfect fit.


If you’re going to let me be a part of your love story, the least I can do is share mine with you.
It all started four years ago when I was debating what my next step was going to be. I had been accepted to Utah State University, but I also had a job lined up to nanny for a family in London. I really wanted to travel, so I was planning on putting college on hold and going to Europe for a year to do that and then enrolling at USU when I got back. Last minute I started having these feelings that Utah State was where I was supposed to be. I packed my bags and moved to Utah and my very first day on campus I met my (now) husband, Braxton. I wasn’t wanting a serious relationship at all but before I knew it I couldn’t stay away from him. He won me over with his confidence, kindness, and rugged good looks. 😉 One year later we were married, and a year after that our twin boys very unexpectedly came along.
My life has turned out nothing like what I thought it would be, but it’s been so much better than I could’ve ever planned myself.
Thanks to my supportive husband I’ve been able to do it all.
With his help I’m able to build my business into what it is now, serve all of my clients, and still make time for my family.