Wedding planning can get stressful and chaotic and it can be easy sometimes to get caught up in it all and forget the reason why you were even planning this thing in the first place. You want to stay true to yourself and your relationship throughout the wedding planning process, and I have some tips for personalizing your special day.

1. Add touches from your love story.

Something I absolutely love is when my bride and grooms draw from their own relationship when planning their wedding. Little subtle touches of personality go such a long way, and make your guests feel more connected to you. From something as simple as having fun photos of yourself on the tables to making the theme for your wedding based on something you both love, there are so many ways to bring your own personalities into your special day. 

2. Use decor that speaks to your style.

Florals, color palettes, venues, table settings, the cake.. Cater these things to your own style. When you’re starting to plan things out think about what fits your personality. Are you all about the bright colors and whimsical decor? Or maybe you’re more into the muted tones and moody light? Or do you want something classy and elegant? Ask yourself these questions, and then based off of the feel you want you’ll know what direction to go with those details.

3. Don’t get so focused on what’s “tradition” that you forget to make your wedding YOURS.

I know it’s hard. Everyone’s telling you this is what you do at weddings. Well guess what, I’m here with some groundbreaking news for you… other than saying “I do” and signing your marriage license, you don’t have to do anything on your wedding day. That’s right. Contrary to what it might feel like, this day is 100% about you and your significant other. So don’t get lost in what you should do, instead focus on what you want to do.

If you want to elope, elope. If you want a huge wedding party, DO IT. It’s your wedding afterall. 


Just remember, don’t be afraid to make your wedding unique. When you look back on photos years down the road you want to smile and say “wow, that day fit our personalities perfectly.” Your love story is unlike any other… so your wedding should be too.